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One Alezane's World of Horses readers tells you about her life with people -


Riding History:
  I have been ridden for as long as I can remember. From fist starting off, I was with a teenage girl, doing mainly weekend hacking, until I was four. After that, I had a veryhappy few years with Dot Basset in South Zeal, riding out nearly every day. Then, after a brief stay with another family, I took my present job with Penny Hill.

What do you do here? 
Penny knows lots of people who want to learn to ride and relies on me a lot to help her out with the smaller ones. I have a great interest in Parelli's Natural Horsemanship and I'd like to develop that with her too.

Where do you keep Penny?  She has a lovely private stable right next to the yard.

What is your ‘people' goal?   I'd like to qualify as a Parelli teacher. I'd also like to continue having fun with Penny and her pupils and to make sure that they are happy and safe with me.

Why do you love people?   Although you get the odd ‘rogue', most people are such generous creatures who give back so much. They look really funny going around on two legs, and I'm sure they are intelligent!

Who inspired your love of people?   My dam, when I was just a little filly she took me into work with her in a stable in Devon. it all began there, I suppose.pepsi doing what she likes best

What is the best thing about working with people?   Life is never dull and I have had some lovely rides.
And the worst?   Heavy hands and nagging legs

What‘s your favourite ‘people' product?

Herbal shampoo, it makes their hair smell so nice.

Do you have any tips to pass on to other readers?
Have fun with people and keep an open mind - help with a people problem can come from anywhere !

Do you have any thoughts on your life with people that you would like to share?
I have injured my back, and suffered from laminitis due to poor horse husbandry. Despite this, I am lucky to still be able to enjoy people. It is important to focus on the positive
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