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There are two choices for the method of euthanasia. Both methods are equally quick and painless for the horse.

Lethal Injection - The horse is injected intravenously with a lethal overdose of anaesthetic drugs, a sedative may be administered prior to the injection. The horse will lose consciousness and collapse slowly. If this method of euthanasia is used then the options for disposal are limited to to be either burial or cremation.

Shooting - This must be pre-arranged, as the vets are no longer permitted to carry a gun with them routinely. Sedation may be given before shooting. After death there will be some involuntary movements of the legs and bleeding from the head which is normal and you should be prepared for.

Except, perhaps, for desperate situations such as a chronic and agonising case of laminitis or a catastrophic fracture, the decision to have a horse or pony put down (euthanased) is rarely clear cut and, in all cases, is a difficult one to make. Nor has it been made any easier with changes to the legislation covering the collection and disposal of fallen stock (a category in which equines are now included).

If you have the facilities and your own land, it is possible to bury your horse. There are very strict regulations regarding the burial of animals and you must consult your local authority prior to making that decision. In many cases and for a variety of reasons burial at home will not be possible and it will be necessary to make arrangements for the collection of the body. The knackerman and a number of equine burial and cremation companies can provide a collection service.

If your horse has been given drugs, which not only include lethal injection (if it was the chosen method) but also routine drugs such as painkillers, you will have to have the horse cremated. If in any doubt your vet will be able to advise you. Cremation is widely used but is quite expensive and there are various options including sending the horses to a slaughterhouse, overseas for human consumption or the use of a local hunt kennels. If your horse is cremated you can choose to pay for an individual cremation and have the ashes returned to you in a cardboard box for burial or in a large wooden casket.

South West

Sally Williams
Greycote Lane,
Forches Cross,
Newton Abbot,
Devon TQ12 6PX
Tel: 01626 353990

Arthur R Duckett
Licensed Equine Technician
Alstone Hall,
Somerset TA9 2DT
Mobile 07836 517677
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Andrew Goatman
Licensed Slaughterman
Rolsterbridge Farmhouse,
Mobile 07870 934068
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Other Regions

Abbyfield Equine Crematorium
Tel: 01629 534271mob: 07711 042498

Cheshire Equine Services
Tel No: 01629 640305.

Craufurdland Pet Pastures
Tel: 01560 600760,
Mob :07050104813.

Cherry Tree Pet Crematorium
Covers the South East.
Tel No: 01233 850929,
Mob No: 07774 601429.

Edge Close Pet Crematorium
Derbyshire and the surrounding counties.
Tel:01298 85577 / 01298 25359

Equine Cremation Services
Tel No: 01483 505524.

Equine Farewells Nationwide Ltd
Tel: 0845 226 7481,

Peaceful Pets Cremations.
Tel No: 01485 52814.

Pets Funeral Services
Tel No: 01562 777963.
Mob No: 0468 843267

The Pet Crematorium
North East and Scotland,
Customer Liaisons
Tel: 0191 3735551.

Yorkshire Equine Crematorium
Tel No: 01924 840752.
Mob No: 07801 294327

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