When the time comes

When the time comes we’ll be prepared 
You and I.
Knowing what we must do for our old mare,
Beautiful and elegant still.
Drawing strength from the love and trust
Learned and nurtured though our shared years.

That day she lay calmly down
Forewarned by ancient instinct
that her time had come, prepared.

The best we could do was not enough
to ease the burden of her failing heart.
The best we could do – we did.
Stayed beside her, caressing her,
comforting her with well-worn words of love.

By her side we watched the light in those deep and tender eyes fade
as the needle-prick gift of sleep let her leave us
gently, softly, unaware.

The pain of parting, cold and hard
as the ground where we lay with her
stole into our hearts.
We two, when the time came,
inevitably unprepared.


Alezane (Always Special)

1984 - 2014